Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Some Results Are In

Well it looks like Gregoire is going to trounce Ron Sims something like 70% to 30% in the Dem Governors Primary. Kind of depressing when you think a guy named Mike the Mover is going to get almost 5% if things keep up like they are.

The race between Alice Woldt and Helen Sommers looks like it is going to be so close that we will have to wait for all of the absentee ballots (lots of folks in Seattle vote that way) are in to see who wins. Right now there is a difference of less than 50 votes with Sommers with a slight lead.

I saw a bunch of people with Woldt signs down on the corner of NW 15th Ave and NW Market St. There was also one loney Sommers person. Whether that means anything or not who knows.

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