Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Salvation Army Rescinds Benefits to Gay Partners

Salvation Army Rescinds Benefits to Gay Partners

SAN FRANCISCO –– Less than two weeks after Western officials of the Salvation Army decided to extend health benefits to domestic partners in 13 states, the group's national leaders have rescinded the order.

Until this month, the evangelical Christian group offered benefits only to married couples and their dependent children. But leaders of the group's Western Territory said Nov. 1 they would also begin offering benefits to all adult members of an employee's household, including straight and gay partners.

Under the national leaders' decision Monday, the Western Territory will follow the same policy as the rest of the group.

You might want to think about finding an alternative charity to give money to this holiday season. If you are in the Seattle area the Union Gospel Mission provides housing and meals for homeless men and Partners in Hope that helps women. Both of these organizations are religious but neither have given and then taken away benefits to gay employees.

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